Mysterious specialty paper to complement your designs


2022-08-23 10:10

Reducing the number of pages and prints of your publication does help you maintain your original budget, but when all the production runs are over, we still want our designs to catch the attention of readers and affect their emotions. In order to achieve this goal, we can try to enter the world of special paper.

beaded paper

Ordinary paper shines brilliantly with the help of colorless mica crystals. If finely divided mica particles are used on uncoated white or colored papers, they can give these papers a unique glow. Although the paper looks like metal, they don't actually use metal substances.

The luster of beaded paper (from white to dark tones of different shades) allows you to give full play to your imagination and give wings to your dreams.

Butter paper translucent paper

Translucent paper has a long history of development, and they were originally only used to produce advertising leaflets. Like pearl paper and metallic paper, translucent paper is also very rich in color, which can bring a distinctive visual effect to printed materials such as business cards, invitations and greeting cards, product brochures, title pages and so on.

In addition, translucent paper color, texture and grammage options have grown significantly in recent years, whether you choose Cromática, Chartham Translucent, Curious Translucents, Gilclear, UV ULTRA II or Glama Natural, you can get a A beautiful enjoyment.

If you can add a translucent advertising page with strong contrast effect to an ordinary black and white brochure, and match it with a simple spot color or plain embossing (embossing), you will definitely impress your readers.

Velvet (touch paper)

The European market is very good at and willing to use paper with special texture, which has also promoted the revival of traditional ruled paper to a certain extent. Embossing novel patterns during paper production can give these papers a raised or depressed texture on the surface.

New textures give new life to paper, some of which look and feel more like leather; rich, soft and delicate to the touch, and unique in texture, they not only make prints more beautiful, but also apply In all kinds of printing and processing, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, high-end wine boxes, mobile phone boxes, tags, cosmetic boxes, etc., make it show a strong temperament that is different from ordinary art paper.

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