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About Jinyada

About Jinyada

Of king giada gold giada special paper co., LTD., dongguan city, is the collection, production, processing, trade in services as one of the specific specialty paper companies, we focus on provide every customer with the most excellent specialty paper services, we are professional for the customer solve the specialty paper demand and use of all kinds of solutions, we focus on the global new trend of the development of the specialty paper production and search for the customer the most popular  Special paper varieties, your demand is our power, your request is our direction, thank you for your trust and support!  


Our company insist to carry forward the spirit of innovation, together with the well-known senior alumni of Hubei Institute of Technology, the retired member of the national paper coating professional committee, jointly develop and innovate all kinds of imitation paper that can replace the import, the quality and the price, welcome dealers around, customers call the sample.  We uphold the professional service spirit in the past, now with a new image and concept, to provide you and your company with high-quality special paper solutions, to help you practice the ideal effect of printing and binding.  


The company specializes in the production and management of advanced printing, packaging, binding type of special paper (also known as art paper, pattern paper).  All products of the company have SGS testing certification, FSC certification number is C117845.  


Professional processing and production: velvet (tactile paper), environmental protection imitation paper, imitation of imported bead color paper, pearl color shea paper, gloss (bright) light color card paper, parchment paper, book paper, dyed embossed paper, etc. (can undertake flat sheet full open, roll embossed cutting, more than 100 kinds of grain).  

The main products are:  Butter paper, tracing paper/vegetable parchment), South Asia synthetic paper (tear not disorderly paper), the environmental protection ultra white card paper, paper cup mat (absorbent), just old paper (water) crepe paper, Bai Tong paperboard (ultra smooth card/neutral uncoated white card), black cardboard, cardboard ivory, light color paper, coated paper, glass paper, environmentally friendly recycled paper, yunlong paper (handmade paper), soft skin (coated paper), environmental PU imitation  Vellum paper, binding paper, velvet paper, flannelette, vellum paper, etc.  


Can provide you with thousands of different grams, color and elegant patterns of specialty paper, and its appropriate scope: advertising production, large-scale picture album, all kinds of tag, book sales, product manuals, packing boxes, invitations, envelopes, stationery, name card and all kinds of printing, binding purposes, such as books and periodicals cover page also hardcover books, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, notebook covers best choice of packaging materials and so on.  


Our company is a comprehensive supplier of special paper, suitable for the development of different types of special paper needs, if you have this demand, please contact us.  



Corporate purposes

Honesty, innovation, performance, comprehensive service, mutual benefit and win-win



Enterprise spirit

Hard work, pragmatism, peace, gratitude, righteousness, selflessness



Compliance with commitments

Words must be done, deeds must be resolute, is the basic principle of being a person and doing things



People oriented

Excellent employees make excellent products



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