Introduction to the use of art paper!


2022-08-23 10:12

Light-colored art paper is generally used for printing, which can be divided into coated and uncoated, and further subdivided into embossed and non-embossed. Coating is bright and vivid in color, while no coating is the pursuit of fog-like effect. Embossing can be divided into fine lines and coarse lines.

Usually, when printing a large area, fine lines should be used to achieve delicate printing and fine dots; when printing in small areas, because there are more blank parts, it can be The rough texture is adopted, and the rough feeling is pursued. For medium area printing, of course, choose medium texture. Neutral colors are generally used to make title pages, cards, stationery paper products and personalized products, usually using their own background color, plus simple bronzing, and printing a single color, such as Fei, and 90% of them are neutral. color. Neutral colors can be divided into warm colors (line, yellow) and cool colors (blue, black), which are generally determined by personal preference or with some special needs. The price of dark color is relatively high, and it is often used for making covers, fine mounting, etc. Jinyada Paper can also professionally process and produce various colors and grammes according to the needs of customers, and classify the use of art paper. Generally, 90 grams of art paper is used for envelopes, envelopes and framed linings (mostly light-colored); 120 grams of art paper is used for framed linings (mostly dark); 180 grams of art paper is used to make business cards, Cards and covers, etc.; 240g art paper for making cards, covers. Because art paper is highly substitutable, its uses are extensive and not fixed. In addition, art paper has an important characteristic, that is, it follows the market trend, that is to say, its varieties, colors and properties are updated faster than other paper products. Therefore, Paying attention to the trend and adapting quickly is one of the important factors of operation.

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